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Semi Automatic Block Making Machine- QTF4-24

Product name : Semi Automatic Block Making Machine
Product No. : QTF4-24
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1.QTF4-24 is a semi automatic concrete brick machine, and it can produce various different hollow blocks, solid blocks and pavers by changing its mould.
2.The whole production line includes the host machine, block mould, control box, conveyor belt, mixer, block trolley, spare parts and tools. 
3.The product raw materials of QTF4-24 may be crushed stone, sand, cement, dust, coal fly ash, cinder, concrete, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite and other industrial wastes.
4.Vibrating moulding technology is adopted by QTF4-24 block machine, so the blocks produced are of good quality, large density and high strength.
5.Precise line cutting technology and carburizing treatment technology to prolong the service life of mould and increase the precision of the blocks.

Main Paramaters
Dimension 2060x1730x2580mm Vibration force 35KN
Shaping cycle 24s Mould treatment Heat treatment
Host machine power 13.45KW Mixer JQ350
Weight 3000Kgs Pallet size 850x450x25mm
Rated voltage Customerized Applied Products Hollow blocks,soild blocks

Capacity table

Size(LxWxH) Reference Picture Pc/Mould Pcs/8 Hour

7 5040

5 3600

14 10080