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Soil Interlocking Block Machine- FL4-10

Product name : Soil Interlocking Block Machine
Product No. : FL4-10
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Our company is professional interlocking bricks machine manufacturer. There are various clay brick making machine for sale in our company
FL4-10 is a full automatic hydraulic clay brick production line. It can produce11520pcs/8h
1 FL4-10 automatic clay brick machine can produce different interlocking blocks by changing moulds.
2 Hydraulic moulding technology is adopted to this compressed earth block machine, so the blocks produced by this ceb machine are of large density, high strength and good quality.
3 The mould adopts precise wire cutting technology and carburizing heat treatment technology. So the mould has longer service life.
4 Using clay as raw material to produce blocks, so it has small investment and big reward.
Technical Parameters
Dimension 1850x1500x2210mm Weight 1500kg
Shaping cycle 7-10s Moulding technology Hydraulic pressure
Hydraulic pressure 60MPa Voltage Adjustable
Products Interlocking bricks Worker 3-4 persons
Mould Heat treatment Certification CE&ISO

Theoretical Production Capacity
 Reference Pic Pcs/Mold Pcs/8h
300*150*100mm 4 11520
300*150*100mm 4 11520
150*150*100mm 8 23040