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Automatic  Soil Interlocking Brick  Making Machine
Main advantage of this machine 
1.FL4-10 is a full automatic hydraulic clay brick production line. It can produce11520pcs/8h
2.FL4-10 automatic clay brick machine can produce different interlocking blocks by changing moulds.
3.Hydraulic moulding technology is adopted to this compressed earth block machine, so the blocks produced by this ceb machine are of large density, high strength and good quality.
4.The mould adopts precise wire cutting technology and carburizing heat treatment technology. So the mould has longer service life.
5.Using clay as raw material to produce blocks, so it has small investment and big reward.

Technical Parameter and Production Capacity

Technical Parameter
Dimension 1850x1500x2210mm Weight 1500kg
Shaping cycle 7-10s Moulding technology Hydraulic pressure
Hydraulic pressure 60MPa Voltage Adjustable
Products Interlocking bricks Worker 3-4 persons
Mould Heat treatment Certification CE&ISO

Production Capacity
 Reference Pic Pcs/Mold Pcs/8h
300*150*100mm 4 11520
300*150*100mm 4 11520
150*150*100mm 8 23040

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